The blogger

Focused on the shadow of lines inside the teacup.

I often feel like am being an insta-blogger. I for one hate the word Instablogger as it is a whole bunch of photography with nothing that can relate to the word blog. But however, I accept those instablogs because some do actually put in a lot of detail into a caption.

Earlier with 2 kids, I used to write and cook or bake. I photographed and everything was in a routine. It’s been a year since I moved back and has hardly tried anything new. I have not cooked much and is doing a part-time job which is Social Media Executive at a company in Colombo.

In Dubai, it was a closed world with television as a babysitter. Having moved back to Colombo it’s a big move. It’s an open world. Everything revolves around other people and less to ourselves. The world is such that we gotta think of others more than ourselves.

There are all sorts of plusses and minuses as a mum of 3 and finding time to cook something good is like reading with the high volume of a favorite music. Yes, can you imagine that? I mean it. Life has been busy which at sometimes I wonder if this what someone who told me “sorry, I was busy” actually meant.

With two kids I used to write at night. I was less tired. Now the responsibilities have multiplied and am often feeling sleepy early and have less courage to fight my sleep and write a few words. So Instagram has kept me going. Am not sure how many of you have liked me on Instagram or checked my posts. It has got a new look. I sure have learned a lot and the results are amazing.

I should do a post on who helped me with photography. Till then Check out my latest teacup post for the #adoremycupoftea post.



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